Do You Want A Green Lush Lawn This Summer?

Do you want a green lush healthy looking lawn this summer? If so the number one priority will be regular watering. We have a large number of clients come to us each summer season after spending large amounts of money on Ready Lawn™, Hydro Seed (Spray on lawn) and/or WoolGro™ and find that after trying to hand water for the past couple of weeks the lawn has failed or partially failed, this is typically due to the fact the lawn was not watered frequently enough and the water was not applied evenly. These failures can lead to the lawn having to be ripped up and the whole process needing to be repeated at a considerable cost.

There is a common misconception that lawn irrigation is thousands of dollars when in fact a medium sized lawn (60m² – 80m²) can be automatically irrigated for less than $600.00, this allows for eight water efficient Hunter 100mm Pop-ups, Pipe, fittings and a two zone timer (if installed by the home owner). Once a system like this is installed the lawn can be irrigated four times a day for short amounts of time allowing the lawn to put its roots down and establish itself properly, once established most lawns are irrigated once daily. This not only saves you time in standing there with the garden hose but also money as the irrigation nozzles apply the water evenly across the entire lawn.

If you are looking at installing a fine lawn this summer contact one of our team and they will guide you through the whole process of installing your very own automatic pop-up irrigation system.