Water Filtration

Water quality is a must. Whatever your need, Think Water Auckland can supply and install a suitable water filtration system.

From a simple under bench water filter for taste and odour problems, through to a more complex UV water purification system for rainwater collection systems, we will have a water filter for your home or business.

The correct water filtration system will provide water that is:

  • Pure for drinking,
  • Odour free,
  • Great tasting, and
  • Top quality.

If you have concerns about your water quality, give us a call.

Puretec Puremix X6 - Water Filtration

Residential Water Filtration

Most residential water filtration systems are for the purpose of improving taste or purifying harvested rainwater.  Whatever your need, we’ll have a water filtration system that meets that need – from point-of-use filtration to whole house filtration.


Commercial Water Filtration

Many businesses require water filtration on a large scale.  The team at Think Water Auckland have the experience and expertise to answer almost any sized water filtration need, all you need to do is give us a call.


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Find out more about a Think Water Auckland water filtration system for your home or business Contact Us.