The team at Think Water will visit your place to provide a free, no obligation quote and answer every question about your water filtration and rain harvesting requirements.

In the meantime, here are our answers to the questions we are most commonly asked. If you have any further questions, please phone or email us, or visit our store at 217 Great South Road, Greenlane.

Why Irrigate?

I think we are all aware of the long lasting and dramatic impact that landscaping can have on a property’s value and marketability. Once you get your property looking great, however, you want to make sure it lasts – that’s where irrigation becomes important.

When planning for the long-term success of your landscaping project it’s important to think about the extended care of your investment through irrigation.

Auckland summers can be surprisingly long and hot, and many of us know the disappointment of returning from a holiday to a dried up garden. Lawns are particularly susceptible to drying out and many plants will suffer if they are not regularly watered.  That’s why you need the peace of mind of a Think Water irrigation system.

While manual watering (watering by hand) is effective for a small veggie patch, it’s impractical for most gardens and lawns. That means an automated irrigation system is a necessity.

I want to collect and reuse my roof water run off

Otherwise known as rainwater harvesting, we specialise in turning the FREE water on your roof into water you can use around your home, garden or business, even for drinking!

The Think Water Auckland team will come to your place to assess the feasibility and advise on how free rainwater runoff from the roof of your property can be used for irrigation, non-potable uses (i.e. toilet and washing machine), or even for your entire water needs.

We’ll then install a simple to use tank and pump system so your garden never needs to go dry again.

Most people ask, “But what happens when the tank water runs low?”  Easy!  As part of the installation we would fit a mains top-up valve. That means, when the tanks drop to a certain level, mains water can be utilised until the tanks are replenished.

What products do we use?

As a member of the Think Water group we have access to all major irrigation, pool chemical and filtration brands.

The Think Water Auckland store currently stocks many high-quality brands including: Davey, Microlene, Puretec, Dolphin, Focus Pool Chemicals, Grundfos, Lowara, Hansen, Antelco, Hunter Industries, Bailey Tanks, and more.

What this assures you of is that at Think Water Auckland you not only get the pick of New Zealand’s major brands, you also get great prices, and personalised, expert service.

What methods of irrigation does Think Water Auckland use?

The answer to this question depends on many variables such as, the size, shape and type of planting. For example, gear-driven rotating pop-up sprinklers are ideal for large lawn areas but overkill for smaller lawn areas where we’d recommend pop-up sprinklers with fixed spray patterns. For garden plantings we’d usually use microjets.  For plantings where water is needed to go direct to the roots of plants, e.g. hedges or rose gardens, we’d use dripline irrigation.

To ensure we get the correct system for every situation, we visit each client to give advice and a free quote before commencing any work. And, don’t forget, for those who wish to do it yourself, we can provide both advice and all the necessary equipment.

What area do we operate in?

Think Water Auckland services the water irrigation and filtration needs of the Greater Auckland region – from Warkworth to the Bombays, and throughout the Hauraki Gulf.

Manual or automatic irrigation?

The choice between a manual or an automatic irrigation system rests with the client. However, while we can easily install manually operated systems, the additional cost to install an automated system is often surprisingly small.  We can also install adjustable rain sensors so the system shuts down after a certain amount of rainfall, if required.

Does Think Water Auckland provide a guarantee?

All types of systems have a no questions asked 12 month guarantee on both parts and workmanship. We have a specialist service team to ensure everything is working effectively at the start of summer.

What about a free quote?

We don’t expect our clients to purchase any irrigation system or equipment from Think Water Auckland without having an idea of what it will cost. We’ll come out to your place and give advice on the system that is best for you and give a free, no obligation quote on the price. Or you can call into our store with plans (or email them to us) and we’ll be happy to talk to you about approximate costings for your irrigation or rain harvesting project.

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