Water Features For Your Business or Commercial Property

Water features, fountains, ponds, water cascades and waterfalls are an easy way to liven up a garden area.  They’re relatively easy to install and provide the soothing relaxing sound of moving water.  However, without a pump that water cannot move and your water feature is little more than a puddle!

Think Water Auckland supply water pumps and filtration units to bring any sized water feature life.

water features - Water Features

Water Feature Pumps

Choosing the correct pump to suit your water feature will save you both time and money. We offer a selection of pumps that will provide years of operation with minimal maintenance and low power consumption.

At Think Water Auckland, we stock pumps to suit any application from a simple waterfall to a large floating fountain.

We also stock fully submersible pumps.

The pumps we sell are specifically designed for outdoor use. They have:

  • Long, flexible power cables with sheathing appropriate for outdoors,
  • Are rated for continuous operation, and
  • Have passed all relevant safety standards.

Water Feature Filtration

Whether it’s a moving water feature on your business frontage, a retirement village fountain, or a static fish pond, if it’s dirty or cloudy it just doesn’t look right.  A filter from Think Water Auckland will ensure your pond or water feature always looks great.

Installing the correct water filters will keep the water in your water filter clean and maintain its clarity.  What’s more, filtration will help create a suitable living environment for plants and fish.

We recommend you talk to us about your water feature pump and filtration needs before you build – that way we can advise on the most efficient size and type of pump and filter unit.

Find out more about the best pump and filter for your business or commercial property water feature. Contact Us