How to Save Money on Your Water Bills

Can you believe this – you and your family drink only 3% of the water that enters your home. The rest is flushed away or goes down the stormwater drains even though you’ve paid good money for it!  Wouldn’t it be great if you could collect the rainwater that falls freely on your roof?

With a Think Water Auckland rainwater harvesting system, you can, and with the money you save on water you can often pay off your system in two – five years!

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Rainwater Harvesting

A rainwater harvesting system collects water that would otherwise be lost to stormwater drains, cleans it and stores it for garden irrigation and indoor use.

A Think Water Auckland rainwater collection system is:

  • Great for the environment,
  • A sure way to cut your water bills, and
  • Ensures you have a continuous supply of freshwater in case of natural disaster.

Think Tank Auckland installs home or residential water harvesting systems and larger scale commercial water harvesting systems throughout the greater Auckland region.

Residential Rainwater Harvesting

Only 3% of the water used by a typical Auckland household is for drinking or cooking – the vast amount of majority of the water you pay for gets flushed straight down the drain.

Why pay to use city water supplies when you can take advantage of a Think Water Auckland rainwater collection system and use the free water that lands on the roof of your property?

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Commercial Rainwater Harvesting

Businesses, sports clubs, commercial property owners are often amazed at the huge savings – thousands of dollars yearly – that can be made by collecting and utilising the rainwater from the roofs of their buildings.  But the money saving is only the start of it; you can promote your business or club as environmentally friendly which is a real selling point for many clients today.

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