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Irrigation programming for the Auckland summer

At this time of year many people are switching on their irrigation systems for the first time in over 6 months. After checking and repairing any leaks and problems we are often asked how it should be programmed. Many landscapers have differing opinions and every garden is different but we like to keep things as simple as possible.

With Hunter and most other brands of automatic controllers, it is important to remember that only one start time is required and each station or zone will come on in sequence one after another for the number of minutes that is programmed in. Irrigation is most efficient early in the mornings as there tends to be little wind and evaporation (however some people may find the noise disturbs them or the irrigation will interfere with their shower pressures).

We prefer to keep everything on the same program, however occasionally it may be necessary to water with 2 different program’s – for example establishing a new lawn at this time of year needs to be kept constantly moist and requires up to 3 start times per day.

The programming diagram picture attached is of a typical residential set up shows clearly the area of garden that corresponds to each station, number of minutes for each start time.

In the height of summer it is common to have a second daily start time, usually in the evening. This is done simply by turning the dial to “Start Times” and pushing the + or – key until the desired start time is selected.

Seasonal adjustment – this is a handy feature that means that rather than reprogram individual station run times, reducing the seasonal adjustment say to 50% will halve all of the individual station run times.

It is important to realise that if a station start time overlaps with an unfinished station run time, the irrigation can do some erratic things.

At Think Water Auckland we are happy to try and talk you though this over the phone at no charge, or visit out Greenlane store today for all your irrigation needs.