Drinking Water Filtration

City water filtration is becoming more and more popular with our Think Water Auckland store in Greenlane being contacted regularly for options and pricing for point of use kitchen tap style filtration systems.

The first question I would ask is “why you would filter water that is already considered to be clean or potable”. There are many reasons, but the two main reasons are, there is a person or persons in the household that are allergic or sensitive to the additives used and/or added during the water authorities’ treatment process, or the other reason is taste odour and for peace of mind. When we talk about taste and odour the first thing that pops into my head is chlorine, as well as chlorine, aluminium is used to treat the water and keep it clean while in transit between the treatment plant and your home, some supplies can also have old pipes containing lead rust and asbestos, therefore the water may or may not be healthy for your family, this is why point of use filtration has become so common.

At Think Water Auckland we have a wide range of options to suit your filtration needs, there are also options when it comes to spouts and taps. In some cases it may not be possible to drill a hole through your bench for an additional filter spout or you may not wish to have an additional filtered water tap so Puretec have developed filters that can filter all the cold water (Purtec Puremix X6 “pictured”) to your kitchen tap or install a stylish new mixer tap with a built in filter spout (Puretec QT12-T5 “pictured”) providing filtered water without the additional clutter of more spouts.

Think Water Auckland offer an installation and maintenance service for all rural and town based water filtration systems and stock replacement cartridges for the major brands such as Microlene, Filterpure and Aquapure.

Call or email one of our team today to discuss your requirements or pop into our store and try our filtered and non-filtered water taste test for yourself.