Microlene Bench Top Filter

Microlene water purifiers offer better tasting, safer drinking water with the reduction or removal of chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals, lime, calcium hardness and bacteria, with the added effectiveness of removing unwanted odour and retaining beneficial minerals. Microlene is ideal for purifying your drinking water and improving the taste and safety of every drop. Microlene units are available for Rainwater and Town Water.

Product Code: EWMTBT1

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Features & Benefits:
– Full plumbing kit to ensure fast and dependable installation
– Long lasting purifier modules are simple and fast to replace
– KDF media can last up to three times longer than standard carbon filters
– Purified water is delivered through a high quality polished chrome tap
– Microlene purifiers reduce unwanted comtaminants including:
– Chlorine
– Pesticides
– Sulphur
– Sediment
– Rust
– Algae
– Odours
– Unpleasant tastes
– Asbestos
– Aluminum
– Lead
– Giardia
– Cryptosporidium

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