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Rain Bird, 6 Station Outdoor Controller (ESP-RZX)

6 Station irrigation controller

Product Code: RZX6

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Product Description

The popular Rain Bird ESP Series of controllers has been expanded to provide a contractor grade irrigation controller for residential and light commercial applications.

The ESP-RZX Controller provides zone based set up that is easier to understand by untrained users. Fixed 4, 6 and 8 zone models are available.

The ESP-RZX provides flexible scheduling features that make the controller ideal for a wide variety of applications including residential and light-commercial irrigation systems.


Operational Features:

  • Station timing: 0 to 199 min
  • Seasonal Adjust; -90% to +100%
  • Independent schedule per zone
  • 6 Start Times per zone
  • Protective case for outdoor operation
  • Program Day Cycles include Custom days of the week, Odd, Even, & Cyclical dates
  • Manually water ALL or SINGLE zone on demand
  • Contractor Rapid Programming™ automatically copies the Start Times and Watering Days from zone 1 to all remaining zones at initial set up
  • Zone based Scheduling, allows for independent schedules assigned to each zone. (Run times, Start Times and Watering Days are customizable by zone)

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