An Award-Winning Project

Peter Fordham is a multiple winner of the Manukau Best Garden award.  There came a time when Peter realised he was spending up to three hours a day watering his garden by hand. With a well-deserved Christmas holiday booked he worried that much of the lawn and many plants would die while he was away.

In the hope of an answer, he called Think Water Auckland.  Within just two weeks he had a fully automatic irrigation system installed connected to a rain sensor so that precise amounts of water could be controlled to irrigate each area of his prize-winning garden.

Here’s what he said, “The boys did such a tidy job that I couldn’t even see where they had dug the trenches and buried the pipe.  Will and the team did a marvellous job, I wouldn’t have won the awards without the irrigation system. I used to spend three hours a day in the summer watering with the hose; now I have more time to spend gardening! I can also go away on holiday and not have to worry about the garden.”

Peter Fordham,